Dependents revisited

Exactly one year ago I looked at who was using my most popular open-source library Allotment. Let's take a look at how things have changed.

We've seen an increase from 20 thousand downloads per week to over 40 thousand. There are also currently 70 open issues (ouch!).


The top ten repositories which depend on Allotment by number of stars is mostly the same.

GitHub repositories using Allotment 2024

The only new entry is teable with over 7 thousand stars.

Teable is a Super fast, Real-time, Professional, Developer friendly, No-code database built on Postgres

I've not spent much time on the project over the past 12 months so it's good to see it is still being used. The most challenging part is handling the number of issues which come in. Even if I recieve a PR it's still difficult to test it sufficiently. Let alone finding the time to fix a bug or add a feature!