An enthusiastic and flexible individual with a proven background in technical computing. Looking for opportunities which sit at the intersection of technology, business and design.

Software Development

C#, Javascript, MATLAB, CUDA, d3.js, React, Android, build & deployment tools

Product Management

Analytics, prioritization, specifications, user interviews

Technical Sales

Familiar with the sales process, practiced in uncovering customers’ underlying pain points, and experienced in developing relationships as part of responsive customer service


Proven ability to adapt presentations to the technical level of the audience and comfortable presenting to large groups


CEO and Founder

Mulberry House Software, 2017 - Present

Data visualization products and services.

  • Building Remarkable Charts. Create beautiful charts in seconds with Excel and PowerPoint

  • Designed and implemented interactive dashboards to enable pension experts to explore financial models

  • Visualization of a family tree to help clinicians assess cancer risk

TRAINEE Product Manager

Redgate, 2014-2016

Improved awareness and increased usage of a newly acquired database deployment tool.

  • Developed in-product analytics functionality

  • Coordinated content marketing

  • Set development priorities through closely working with UX specialists

Software Engineer

REDGATE, 2014-2015

Helped to solve SQL Server database deployment for users of the most popular release management tools. Working in C# I developed PowerShell cmdlets which users incorporated into their CI/release processes.


Sungard, 2012-2014

Contributed to a scalable and extensible framework used by a high-performance risk analytics service. Technical highlight was developing a tracing just-in-time compiler enabling clients to run C# financial models on GPUs.

Freelance Developer

Various, 2011-2012

  • Designed and implemented algorithms for human motion capture using low-cost inertial sensors, e.g. accelerometers and gyroscopes

  • Developed a bespoke financial trading tool for an independent trader

High Performance COmputing Developer

Fidelity, 2010-2011

A core member of the newly founded applied team. I was instrumental in designing, implementing and introducing quant-based methods to the wider organization. I promoted components of agile development to the team. Particularly moving to a more iterative approach with more frequent stakeholder feedback.

Application Engineer

MathWorks, 2008-2010

Worked directly with customers to understand their technical and business challenges. Acted as the main point of contact for customers evaluating and using MathWorks parallel computing tools in the UK.

  • Analyzed users’ problems to determine the best solution

  • Developed demos and proofs of concept

  • Prepared and delivered presentations to customers and prospects

  • Provided feedback to the commercial and R&D organizations


Research Scientist

QinetiQ, 2004-2008

Contributed to a diverse range of projects:

  • Assessing and improving warship stealth

  • Sensor fusion - combining radar and infra-red sensor output to improve situational awareness

  • Development of object tracking algorithms. Including a LIDAR simulator (C++), Markov Chain Monte Carlo tracking application (MATLAB) which I also modified to run on a cluster, and a Google Earth based visualization tool (Python)


Research Assistant

Newcastle University Physics Department, Summer 1998 & 1999

Data analysis and modelling of a mass spectrometry experiment in Fortran. Joint author of a paper; 'Hyperfine-resolved spectrum of the molecular dication DCL2+'


MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing

University of Oxford, 2002-2003

Modules included mathematical modelling, numerical linear algebra, numerical optimisation and distributed computing for computational finance. Dissertation explored the numerical solution of magnetic fluid flow.

BA in Mathematics (2.1)

University of Cambridge, 1999-2002

Emphasis on applied mathematics, statistics and theoretical physics.